Tuesday, February 17, 2015

An UPDATE on Serious Oats

We just wanted to break through the regular health and nutrition posts to give you an update on where Serious Oats is today and when our anticipated launch date will be.

Its been a long journey for Serious Oats. A journey that has gained us strength, nutritional value, knowledge and momentum. What we thought would take six months has taken three times as long. 

So here is where we are now. The over all consensus is - 'Delish!' Serious Oats is impressing folks across the country. We are currently working with a Food Scientist to perfect our products mouth feel and flavor.  Our nutritional numbers are holding strong. 
20g of Protein, 10g of fiber and Low Glycemic Load! 

Our goal is to be in production later this year with a product that is 

Until than, stay tuned and help us spread the word!

Thank you for your support!
Dr. Scharper

For more information on Serious Oats visit our website:

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