Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Oatmeal - And its health benefits.

In my daily search for health news, I came across this gem at MNT, highlighting the health benefits of Oats. I wanted to repost for your benefit here. Read on to see just how good oatmeal is for your daily nutrition.
Nutritional breakdown of oats

Dietary fiber - oats are rich in a specific type of fiber called beta-glucan. This particular type of fiber is known to help lower levels of bad cholesterol. One cup of oats contains 16.5 grams of fiber, which is roughly half of a person's recommended daily intake of fiber.12

Minerals - oats contain manganese, selenium, phosphorus, fiber, magnesium, and zinc. Oats are also rich in carotenoids, tocols (Vitamin E), flavonoids and avenanthramides - a class of polyphenols.
The health benefits of oats

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration claims that oats, as part of an overall heart healthy diet, could lower the risk of heart disease. The potential health benefits of oats include: reducing the risk of coronary artery disease, lowering levels of cholesterol, and reducing one's risk of colorectal cancer.

Oats may reduce the risk of coronary artery disease

A study titled "Oats at 10 Years", published in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, found that eating foods rich in whole-oat sources of soluble fiber (oats, oat bran, and oat flour) may help reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.3

The Editor of the journal, Dr. James M. Rippe, said:

"This is an extremely important study. It tracked the value of oat-based products and showed the correlation between consumption and a healthier lifestyle. It is an outstanding benchmark."

Oats may help lower the risk of colorectal cancer

Researchers in Britain and the Netherlands pooled published evidence that covered nearly 2 million people to evaluate whether a high fiber diet (mainly from whole grains and cereals like oats) is linked to a lower risk of colorectal cancer.

The study found that for every additional 10g of fiber in someone's diet there is a 10% reduction in their risk of developing colorectal cancer.4

Oats may help lower blood pressure

An article published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded that a diet which includes plenty of whole-grains (such as oats or wholemeal bread) is just as effective as taking anti-hypertensive medication in lowering blood pressure.5

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