Monday, May 12, 2014

This Summer Head to the Produce Isle to find some High Protein Veggie Options!

We at Serious Foods are serious about our protein so we were delighted to come across this post at Women's Health Magazine. This summer don't feel pressured to crush that hamburger in order to get your protein fill. Check out these veggies that boost high amounts of protein along with great taste and nutrient content!
Each half-cup contains three and a half grams of protein. 

You'll find three grams of protein in a half cup of spinach. 

Baked Potato
Another stealth source of protein? Potatoes! A medium-sized one contains three grams. Try one with some fun healthy and delicious toppings - Double your protein intake with some Broccoli and Cheese on top! 

Broccoli's not just filled with fiber (2.6 grams per half cup)—it's also a great source of protein, with two grams per serving.   

Brussels Sprouts
These little green guys get a bad rap, but they're actually nutritional superstars: Each half cup packs two grams of protein, along with 247 milligrams of potassium and 110 micrograms of vitamin K.  

OK, we know that corn is technically a grain. But you can find it in the produce aisle—and you'll be glad to know that half a cup of kernels provides two grams of filling protein. 

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