Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Why Diet Soda is Not the Answer

After reviewing many studies on artificial sweeteners, Susie Swithers, a professor of psychological
sciences and a behavioral neuroscientist, suggests that diet soda does not help you lose weight. In fact according to recent studies, diet sodas might be just as bad for you as the non-diet kind. Boom. Do you hear that? It is the sound of millions of heart breaking across America.

Artificial sweeteners are no strangers to the scrutiny of the public eye, it has been suggested that they cause a wide array of health issues. But despite this information the sales of these no-cal beverages still skyrocket in the ever-lasting fight against obesity. But a Purdue University Study has discovered that diet sodas may actually be linked to a number of health problems ranging from obesity to diabetes – just like the sugary ‘full sugar’ version.

Some of the studies reviewed suggest that when people consume diet sodas, they engage in what is known as ‘cognitive distortion’ and decide that since they have saved on liquid calories they can splurge somewhere else. ‘Ill have a diet soda and some fries.’

Interestingly, there are studies in animals that suggest something else could be going on too that is sabotaging the weight loss capacity of your ‘diet soda’. According to an article on Swithers’ findings in USA Today,  
Studies in animals note a link between consuming artificial sweeteners and overeating that leads to weight gain. Somehow artificial sweeteners throw off the body's ability to know how many calories it needs. 
"We think there's a much more basic fundamental learning process that's getting interrupted," Swithers said. 
Normally when someone consumes something sweet, the body expects calories and sugar to follow. But when a person drinks diet soda the payoff never arrives. 
You get this kind of confusion and that can lead to overeating, and at least in the animal model that can lead to an increase in blood sugar spikes," Swithers said.

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